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Bitcoin is very simple and easy to use if you know how! You can buy bitcoins by using or

After you buy your bitcoins and you submit your order on our site our site will provide you with a Bitcoin address to send your payment to. Simply copy that address and the amount of Bitcoin your instructed to send then send it to that info from your wallet. If your using a mobile Bitcoin wakket on your phone simply scan the QR code with your camera then click send. Make sure you send the exact amount of Bitcoin or your payment will not register in our system.


Using western union is very straight forward! When sending us a payment via western union you need to go to a western union location and pay with cash. Most western unions are located inside supermarkets, CVS, Walgreens, Banks, K mart, publix, and many other establishments. Chances are there is one within 5 miles of your location. A quick google search for the closest WU location to you should suffice.

After submitting your order and selecting to pay with western union our site will provide you with the following info of our receiver:

First name:
Last name:

That is all of the info you will be required to provide at the western union to send the payment to our receiver. When you fill out the form at the western union location you will be required to input that information as well as the same info about yourself. You do not need to be 18 years old to send a western union payment. When filling our the form make sure to not select any security questions, send it with the money in minutes option, and select for the receiver to pick it up as "cash at agent location". After sending your payment make sure you save your receipt incase there are any problems with your payment. That way you can prove to us you paid or go and get a refund from western union if need be. On the receipt will be a 10 digit MTCN# or "control number" in bold numbers. At the checkout page in your account on our site there will be multiple boxes for you to input the following information after you have sent us your payment:

First name of sender:
Last name of sender:
MTCN# (control number):
State sent from:
Amount sent:

After submitting that information your payment should be picked up in 1-2 business days and your order status will change to "payment received".


Paying us with Money Gram is litterally exactly the same as paying us with Westerm Union.

However there tends to be less Moneygram locations than Western Union locations. Moneygram scan be found in every Walmart at the customer service desk.

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